Saturday, December 10, 2005

Pulsations in the night...

I go through periods of ultra vivid dreaming, and am in one of those phases now. I think while I get this blog up and running I will resist the temptation to talk about my dreams, because they're probably boring to others and ultimately mine to savor.

But I will share the really strange experience I had - twice - early this morning. I came out of a vivid dream, not awake, not asleep, and cracking one eye open I could tell it was dawn. Sarah's hand was on my shoulder and suddenly I began to feel these low pulsating vibrations at the point where her hand was touching me. It was a powerful and pleasing, not quite electrical, not like any kind of "energy" I've ever experienced. It lasted somewhere between 15-30 seconds and stopped abruptly. I would say that the sensation began about 30 seconds after the vivid dream ended. I was aware of my surroundings (bed, woman, dawn, Los Angeles) but I also seemed to be equally aware of other spaces and planes of consciouness. Soon I fell back to sleep and the same thing happened later, only this time my hand was on Sarah's leg. Where I had assumed that the vibrations were coming from her hand (I had gone so far as to assign her shamanistic status in my half waking state), I now realized that they were coming from me. This time they started in the hand, at the point of contact, and rippled through to my torso and back. It was as if there were a small earthquake, but accompanied by a feeling of intense happiness and "wholeness" for lack of a better term. After it ended I asked Sarah if she had felt any strange vibrations. She said no, and I fell back asleep without explaining, too complicated.

My theory here is that between the waking and the dreaming state there is a "chemical corridor" that the consciousness must pass through, a waterpark slide that flushes out the dream drugs and pumps in the psychic coffee. This passage can sometimes be experienced consciously when the chemical switch is enhanced/prolonged by various unknown factors. Where the body is paralyzed in sleep, so must it be reanimated as consciousness arrives. Think if you threw a stone into a field of tall grass where hundreds of birds where resting. They would all scatter at once in a burst of energy. I believe that the brain prepares the body for consciounsness by tossing a rock into the netstrings of the nervous system. The ensuing vibrations register first where there is contact with the outside world. And IF the point of contact is preceived to be desirable or having good connotations, a second spray of feelgood chemicals are flushed through the system along with the psychic espresso.

A quick google search turned up a lot of stuff about lucid dreaming and "OBE"s (out of body experiences, duh!) That all seemed intriguing for a minute, but it quickly began to feel like a shute leading straight into a world of Dungeons and Dragons fanatics and thick books full of annoying claims by pseudo scientific cultists. I like my pulsations and I reserve the right to leave them unexplained.


Blogger pigatschmo said...

Could you please explain this to the guy who leaned out the window and gave me the finger the other day? What sort of energy field was he in contact with, and through what mechanism was I the recipient?

8:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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