Saturday, December 24, 2005

Pupil reading...

That's a tear (from laughing) you see here rolling down Sarah's cheek in duplicate. Great Christmas Eve out on the town with my lady, feeling full of cheer and goodwill towards all stuffed animals. Along our travels, she pointed out that while all of us are accomplished eye readers, very few of us are pupil people. She's right...People like me are easily distracted by the chromatic drama of the iris - powerful messages in chocolates, greens, and blues - only to dismiss the pupil as negative space, a steady and stagnant black hole. But the pupil holds mysteries all of its own says Sarah - How and when and why it dilates... How deeply its blackness penetrates... How it is a barometer for the truths and lies the mouth churns out... Frankly, I haven't trained myself to appreciate the pupil in all its subtleties yet - let alone the whole complicated rhumba of eye contact in general. Still, pupils, something to look out for in '06.

Happy holidays to all.


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