Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Quest for the Perfect Taco...

You live in LA, you are going to eat Mexican. You will ease in to your habit with your impossible-not-to-love joints, your El Compadres and your Poquito Mas's. Then, sensing that all Pico de Gallo is not created equally, you will get more adventurous urges. You will probably explore the likes of Guelaguetza and Burrito King and any number of brightly painted places along Sunset Boulevard in the Silverlake area. But that rush will end too my friend, as all rushes do. Your stomach lining will be asking for something darker, more deviant, less sanctioned by the local health boards. And so, you will move to taco trucks, many of which are considered "bandit" taco trucks, meaning they start their days by pulling out of home driveways, not recognized food establishments. In Tacoland, the rule seems to be, the homier the outfit, the better the grub. Now that you are chasing taco trucks down dark streets of Boyle Heights, you are officially in the big leagues, and here you will encounter the serious Mexican food aficionados. Don't be fooled, they may not be wearing spats or velvet pantaloons, but these are food snobs of the highest order. Their palates are easily as sophisticated as the great chefs of France and Italy. Intrigued? Ready to investigate this thriving subculture? Try visiting here. If Mr. Albanese and his merry band of taco truck reviewers don't whet your appetite (or win you over with the Chariots of Fire soundtrack), well, I'm afraid you should just stick to Del Taco or El Pollo Loco.


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