Sunday, March 19, 2006

Horses and Nightmares...

Sarah and I went to Santa Anita Park yesterday. As always, the visuals were stunning. And on the betting side we just about broke even. In one remarkable race the jockey fell off the horse right out of the starting gate and the horse went on to finish the race in second place! So surreal to see a riderless horse crossing the finish line with all the gusto of the one that won. There is some important implication here about the nature of free will which I can't quite work out yet. Maybe it was all the wine and crazy delicious food we had later at a Persian New Year's celebration in West LA. Have you ever noticed how the spices and preparation particulars (not to mention the digestion) of most exotic cuisines wil guarantee a night of spectacularly vivid and insane dreams? They are always welcome narratives. Nightmares don't bother me. Inshallah.

(photos by Paul Gachot)


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