Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mind Drains...

A friend of mine was talking about something that was a drain on the back of his mind. A bell rang. Sometimes a simple metaphor puts things in an entirely new light, which I suppose is what a metaphor is good for in the first place. How much of your rare vital energy, the stuff that could be applied to your present and future is being diverted to a dark stagnate pool in the back of your skull? Perhaps you're not even aware of it! Horrible! Maybe this cerebral tar pit has corroded tiny holes in your head that leak this crude oil out of your system entirely. Are you leaving a trail of sludge behind you everywhere you go? Do you need a skull stopper?

On the flipside, there are people who believe in trepanning. This practice entails drilling holes into your head in order to relieve pressure that builds up on the walls of the skull caused by an excess of cranial fluid. In this case, the "drain" sets the mind free. The open holes allow our consciousness to freely expand and interface with the external world. Read all about trepanation here.

Once again, there are two sides to every coin. The decision is yours: Are you gonna plug up that blow hole or are you gonna drill some new ones?

In the meantime, please enjoy this Johnny Hardstaff classic.


Anonymous brian said...

that was certainly an inspired use of minnie ripperton's "les fleurs." kind of shakes the
baby's breath from her 'fro, no?

4:40 PM  
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