Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tongue Fu...

Socrates would always get a thrombo when it came to those meddling sophists. And who can blame him? Fast talkers who deftly use language to obscure certain truths, and boggle less Machiavellian minds, thus clearing the way for their selfish agendas, are insufferable. Language is ripe for abuse, and our world is often governed by abusive individuals. Once curiosity and humility are ousted from communication, words become weapons. And since diffusing verbal conflict is generally a low human priority, toxic verbiage casts the die for all behavior and action to follow.

Most people can feel when their manner of speaking has become dehumanized. For those of us who can't recognize this, or choose not to, I predict that the value of your short term gains will ultimately loose meaning, overshadowed by the psychic prison of your self-alienation.

How not to speak: here.

(lashing girl tongues captured by: who else?)


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