Monday, September 11, 2006

Reality 2.0...

Objective reality is out. So mid-20th Century. I mean what is it? I dare you to define it. What's hot folks... and I mean really pan-popping greasefire hot, like backfat bacon in a Louisiana kitchen, is cinematic reality.

After a hundred plus years of moviegoing, moviemaking and all the other audio/visual technology that's followed in suit, after a century of hypnotic cinematic gazing, we have altered our relationship to reality forever. Our cinematic imagination is a thick lens through which we perceive the world around us. It has become a primary filter through which chaos passes and becomes packaged into tight palpable narratives. For many of us, life is only experienced when it is primed and ready to prickle and stimulate all those fresh dangling bushes of film-fed synapses and nerve endings that have grown wild in our minds. What does this mean? Personally, I think its good. Evolutionary. Our brains are moving on to their next phase and being able to process and imitate our outer and inner realities (for what is cinema but an imitation of life and dreams?) We are becoming more godlike, closer to the creative source. Sure this development probably won't make it any easier to fill out your tax forms or send rocket ships into space. Or will it? Stay tuned.


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