Saturday, October 14, 2006

Lunar Mod...

Old news to everyone but me apparently... my head has been under a rock lately. So sue me. As the rumor goes, in early 1968, Stanley Kubrick was secretly approached by NASA officials who presented him with a lucrative offer to "direct" the first three moon landings. Read the whole unbelievable tale here. So that's pretty interesting. Then Sarah dropped another lunar bomb on me last night: all of the best quality original Apollo 11 footage was lost. The images we see when we see that "one small step" are supposedly shot off of a NASA monitor (which would account for their truly awful quality). Not sure if that supports or debunks the Kubrick angle. Anyways, read all about the lost footage here. This touches off a memory of Brian Eno's Apollo Atmosphere's & Soundtracks album which was ostensibly a music for a film made from NASA's Apollo footage. Stuff about that here.


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