Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cactus Butt & Honey Yellow-Jacket...

If I was a Bond villain my name would be "Cactus Butt." Why? Well yesterday while helping Sarah back into a difficult parking spot I managed to back myself directly into a ten foot tall prickly pear cactus. Sarah spent half an hour in someone's bathroom pulling tiny spines out of my behind with borrowed tweezers. It was very cartoonish and overwhelmingly silly, in a dastardly way. Possibly more Austin Powers than Bond.

Now, if Sarah was a Bond girl her name would be "Honey Yellow-Jacket." Why? Because on the very same day as the cactus butt incident, she was making herself some tea and went to grab the archetypal plastic honey bear to add some sweet to the mix. Squeeze the honey bear she did, only to discover that a straggling November yellow jacket was also indulging in some of the sweet stuff too.

Well, the cactus bite and the bee sting. It's as simple and as jolting as all that!


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