Friday, November 10, 2006

Friends in high places...

Dinner in the Sky is yet another interesting idea fallen into the wrong hands. It is presented in an especially stupid and unappealing way on its site. So what is it? Basically, you and 21 of your closest friends sit and strap yourselves in at a special table that is rigged to a crane which hoists you more than 150 feet in the air while you dine. Sure it's a gimmick, but one I might actually enjoy if executed properly. Unfortunately, you go to the site and all you see is the marketing, the cute little events meant to plug this or that product. The locations are hideous (a parking lot? how about over the water, or a field of blooming flowers?) the participating people look like terrified and insignificant pawns (prawns?), and guess what? The underside of the table, the part people on the ground look up at in wonder, is covered with... wait for it... Advertising! Which reminds me of another bottom-heavy idea I had years ago, recently snapped up by the Wrigley's/Starbucks mega conglomerate. But I'm not bitter. I'm just glad to see my ideas making millions for those poor little companies.


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