Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bend like reed...

"Rigidity is for buildings, fluidity for people..."

Picture those words hanging vivid as an orangutans in my dream two nights ago. What exactly does it mean? On the surface it's pretty self explanatory, but why these vaguely Taoist words? Why now? What is my unconscious suggesting? Hey, I'm only here to report this stuff from the other side of the fence...

Speaking of smooth moves, next time you're in Tokyo make sure you stop by Usagiya, a "magic bar" owned by the truly enigmatic and killingly funny Toto, a sleight-of-hand master who will make you laugh and shriek and scratch your head raw. If you can't make it to Tokyo, Toto is performing all this week at The Magic Castle in Hollywood.

I mostly stay away from modern day magicians. They seem to be severely damaged individuals with a love for black hair dye and annoying facial hair. These angry, world-class manipulators are in it for the female attention that was denied to them as nerdy teens. But Toto is great. Someone loved him right.

("Reeds" by Friedrich A. Lohm├╝ller)



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