Monday, April 02, 2007

Oragami Mommies at Inmo's...

Sarah made these oragami mommies and baby crane fashioned out of napkins on coffee counter. Taken at Inmo's gallery in downtown LA, a place we like very much for its creative daring and punk-by-way-of-Seoul attitude. It used to be Billy's Coffee Shop (on 5th St.) in the lobby of what was the Million Dollar Hotel.

Under the visionary guidance of Inmo, an eccentric Korean entrepreneur with a taste for art and adventure, the place seems to be finding a significant new life. He's gutted the old diner and left the walls raw as a grand peeling, wood-slatted backdrop for consistently interesting shows. The coffee counter from the diner is still right there in the middle of the room where, at openings, wine is served... and please note (other galleries) that Mr. Inmo never serves Charles Shaw. Watch out for Jung, Inmo's serpent-tongued side-kick. He might serve you almonds in a porcelain cup, bow subserviently, and then proceed to shred you to the core with a sly and sadistic personal interrogation that's all in good fun, but definitely not for the sonambulant art observer looking to sustain their fuzzy California mellow.

(photo by Paul Gachot)


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