Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Biology of purpose keeps my nose above the surface"

I know, I know, you keep asking yourself, "How did Brian Eno get in to making those torturously slow art video "paintings", the ones which you need to turn your tv sideways to watch?". Well, the answer, of course, is Foreigner. Yes, that Foreigner, the '70s arena rock band behind such hits as "Hot Blooded" and "Double Vision". Seems that while Eno was in the studio with the Talking Heads recording the "Fear of Music" album, a Foreigner roadie came over from a nearby studio hawking goods. "Who wants to buy a Panasonic industrial color video camera?" Mr. Eno's hand went up and the rest is history. Interesting to note, that he broke the camera almost instantly causing incredible color misrepresentations to occur. "A brilliant mistake!" he proclaimed.

Read more about Eno's Foreigner-inspired video art career here. And if you've got the time, check out 77 Million Paintings.


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