Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fidel and true...

If you're one of the people who believes that Castro is dead, you are not alone. The latest rumor mill seems to flow from either the back rooms of Wall Street, or celebrity blogger Perez Hilton - depending on which rumor mill rumors you believe (actually both of these are my go-to resources for breaking news).

Of course, for many of you this is old news. Castro died in 1981 (tainted shellfish), and was replaced by a look-alike CIA plant named Alexis Papagos. Remember?

Of course, some of you think he's alive, and that, in fact, the Cuban government started this rumor to test global and cyberspace reaction in preparation for the man's real death, which may or may not ever come (as far as we will ever know).

And supposedly the living or dead Castro predicts that a Clinton-Obama ticket is unbeatable.

Ah Fidel, you wily goat. Are you dead or are you alive? And does it really matter since your mas robusto years were almost half a century ago. Either way, you outlived all your old friends and foes - Kennedy, Che, Regan, Nikita, and Stanley. Kubrick that is who tapped into your rebel thunder and gave us the great war farce Dr. Strangelove.

And speaking of that movie, did you know that Strangelove syndrome, aka "alien hand syndrome" is really a real-rumored syndrome? Says so here. Must be true.


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