Thursday, September 13, 2007

Truths in Advertising...

In the realms of tasteless advertising, this recent Le Tigre shirts ad wears a crown. Get it? The tiger is rippiing apart (mating with?) the (dead) alligator - aka Lacoste. Of course the image is fascinating, and yes, on the surface, the message is clever, but really: are tiger maulings and rotting alligator cadavers so damn snappy that you'd want to buy this company's shirt? How do advertisers think advertisements work? I'm often baffled by this. They seem to desperately believe that tattooing an image on to one's brain will somehow lead to a purchase. Or they think a relentless pounding of "provocative" advertising over years and years will numb us into submission and give us a singular purpose: to offer our billfolds blindly as we crawl to the shops. What a wonderful world that would be.

PS: General Betray US? Hmm. You can do better than that Move On. Or can you?


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