Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A great, fully-ripened power...

John Huston, whom I admire greatly, was probably an unbearably selfish prick at some level, but he had the good sense to live in an era where his charisma and talent cast a protective shield all around him. "The Night of the Iguana," though troubled, is such a fantastic collision of personality types, it crackles with life and profundity. Not to mention that these characters were animated by some of the largest egos on the planet in 1964. Talk about a critical mass. If you haven't seen it (recently) get thee to a Netflix!

I have been predicting a remake with Bill Murray in the Richard Burton role, Charlotte Gainsburg in the Deborah Kerr role, Selma Hayek in the Ava Gardner role, and someone new in the Sue Lyon role. Is someone on this? Or will I have to do it myself, like everything else around here... Sheesh.

Very cool "Night of the Iguana" documentary here and here (pt 1 & 2).


Blogger Shicho said...

Bill Murray!

I'm still laughing....

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