Thursday, October 25, 2007

My challenge to automakers...

It's simple:

Beautiful, safe, affordable cars with zero environmental impact.

Scrap the current system, it's not working. (OK, Toyota, you get points for trying.) But I'd like to see what's happened to the bloated music industry happen to the petrified auto industry. Let the independents have a go. Bypass the greedy, controlling manufacturers. Or at least scare them into action. Look, we have a National Highway Safety Administration. It's there to prevent unsafe cars from driving on our roads. Let's use them. Get them on board this challenge (once we rethink their super-nerdy website/image, that is)

If the X-Prize Foundation was willing to host a high-profile competition in order to create a "practical" private spaceship (note that the contest attracted hundreds of millions of dollars of invaluable research and experimentation in pursuit of the $10,000,000 booty) can I challenge them to take the Gazpachot challenge as their next challenge? Certainly humanity can benefit more immediately and significantly from a new wave of safe, clean, and attractive autos. In the meantime, keep making those spaceships - we might need them to get out of here if we keep this up!

UPDATE: Gadzooks, It exists!!!
Well, I'd rather be a lazy editor than an angry dreamer...

(A 1938 Bugatti 57SC Atlantic that emits sunflowers)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haven't you seen the movie "The Electric Car" yet?
They had it all solved back in the 50s.
love, m

11:29 AM  
Blogger pigatschmo said...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007
solar-powered railroad

James Kunstler's comments on the national transportation mess are exactly right: we need to bring back passenger trains. Or rather, we need a whole new generation of passenger trains for the 21st century: fast, clean, and solar-powered. What airplane passenger wouldn't rather be riding a solar-powered railroad?

Yes, it's a massive project and we need the workforce of Detroit to implement it. America being America, I predict that the nation will rediscover its inner railroad industry and launch its second great era of rail -- not necessarily via the government, as it should, but via eccentric billionaires who have nostalgia for something we've lost: American technology that restores our industrial pride and defines the soul of the nation.

posted by pigatschmo @ 7:32 PM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pubic Transportation would be better

6:59 AM  

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