Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Change Game...

People make difficult changes. And that's great. They stop smoking, drinking, eating badly, they switch careers, move homes, recover from traumas, take on new outlooks, new religions. Etc. Thing is, people tend to become obsessive when they change. In other words, the change they make tends to become the entire narrative of their life. Everything they do and say is beholden to the new order. It is as if in changing they also changed universes - to a much smaller one made up only of molecules that pertain to the desired change. It's a trick of consciousness you see, in order for the change to take hold we believe that we must embrace a one-track existence. But the trick is on us, for as we hypnotize ourselves into believing we are new and changed, the world outside our blinders remains the same. So I'm wondering, can change happen without all this virtual vivisectioning? Can we change in this world without reprogramming ourselves into another reduced one?

("Mr. Hyde Exposed" by Ed Kwong)