Monday, December 10, 2007

Come together...

Could there be a cross-party presidential ticket? How radical would that be! The risk, of course, is that the key issues could freeze in a succession of political stalemates, but imagine a situation where each issue was hotly debated at the national level and that intelligent, livable compromises were made that the entire country could agree upon to live with. Imagine a tangible purpling of the country to an unprecedented degree - doing away with this nonsensical red/blue division that turns our country into a dumb college football game replete with loyal hooting fans on either set of bleachers. Hawks and Doves and Elephants and Donkeys and... er Bunnies, fusing into wise Owls. Can we change the national bird while we're at it? I mean I love an eagle, but they're a little baggage-heavy to keep flying at this point...

Ideally, this coming together would be a time for us to reassess our domestic status, redefine our national process (and identity), and reconsider our place in the world. Obama/McCain seems like the most functional team (their differences are mighty, but their personalities suggest a willingness to talk turkey). Hillary/Rudy would be an incendiary show, but I don't think much would get accomplished. The most interesting (and perhaps dynamic) combination would be Dennis Kucinich and Mike Huckabee. I guarantee you that a handful of universal justices would come from that duo. It would be a nerdy time of Grecian Formula and pencil necks in the Executive Branch, but perhaps also a great time of renewal for US.


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