Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lost ideas and "warm bath" theory...

Thoughts and ideas are constantly passing through our minds. We often flag the ones we like - Ooh. Must remember that one. But then, we don't write them down, and what's left is a vague memory of something that was important to us with no infomation to back it up. It's similar to that "tip of the tongue" feeling. Frustrating! Sometimes a way back to the thought is to focus on the feeling that the lost idea imparted. Maybe you liked the thought because you enjoyed the wash of chemicals it triggered to splash over your neural net. Along these lines, My "warm bath theory" says that some ideas are really just dreamy, hallucinatory byproducts of sophisticated, temporary psycho-sexual "environments" we design for our "selves," corrective biochemical sanctuaries for our beleaguered psyches to inhabit as we pass through time and space.


Blogger Gabriela Lovera said...

What about the bubble warm bath theory?

1:05 AM  
Anonymous www.huelva-3d.com said...

I saw a lot of helpful data above!

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