Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Elephant pecker...

OK, just gonna blurt this one out. You've had some fairly specific ideas your whole life. They mean a lot to you. They are the pillars that hold your worldview aloft. Then, inevitably, this happens: Someone great comes along and expresses your ideas, publicly, with an eloquence and an enthusiasm that you must admit, eclipses your own version of those ideas. Then you endure the added insult of seeing that this person has made a great life for themselves out of willfully exploring those "sacred" ideas. On top of it, this person seems to be cracklingly alive and having fun and going places and you, suddenly, feel very stuck in a shitty rat dumpster filled with half-baked idea-batter which you use as a cookie dough salve to wrap around your weary, non-flourishing soul.

What's really the problem here is not your ideas bub, they're great. Perhaps it's that your apparatus is all messed up and you've allowed it to perpetuate stale psychodramas that ring through your skull and your ribcage like a gong falling down a spiral staircase? Hey, just a thought chief. And another thing: Don't envy, just emit.

("Nila" by the goddamned great Walton Ford)


Blogger pigatschmo said...

you've hit the nail on something, brother. The answer has something to do with energy and karma or maybe luck and the stars aligning a certain way

6:31 PM  

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