Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cut the string, sever your instincts, Just Do It!

I would encourage you to read the comments from yesterday's post.

Also, unlike our good brother Nick, I would encourage you to NOT relinquish your connection to purity and authenticity no matter how pale and petty they may seem against the backdrop of the 21st Century. I know I'm paddling up a river here, but I believe a society is defined by the strength of its individual voices - Voices that stem from an "unsullied" creative core. Once we abandon purity and authenticity (ostensibly because they are meaningless, vaporous terms), we destabilize the compass that processes the world around us, we lose touch with the deep psychic images and messages that give us ideals and standards to hold up against reality. We lose the spirit of rebellion and intervention that sets us apart from thriving power structures that would gladly have us believe that purity and authenticity are valueless.

("Intervention #1" by William Lamson)


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