Friday, September 19, 2008


If any politician invokes 9-11 a single time before election day, I'm just going to call this whole thing off and insist on a do-over. Is that what you want?

These are frightening days citizens. I'm really not sure which way is up anymore, but I can still smell the stench of backwards planning a mile off. Progress. Please. No Cold War II. No backsliding to old tropes. No new enemies. No smoke. No mirrors. No mongering. No fear of a future where we agree to fix instead of fuck with things.

Need diversions? Competitive urges? How about a space race? An energy dance contest to see who can make the most interesting and efficient vehicles? Why don't we help some people who really need some help? Can we approach power as a tool of beneficence, not a weapon of political ego? The only details that can derail indestructibly simple and grand ideas are the ones asserted in order to protect the tired toxic cloud hovering over humanity. Time for a massive rethink. Are we up to it? Who will lead? Who will break form and start talking, really talking, again?

On a lighter note, what would one purchase at a 9-11 store?


Blogger kissyface said...

It's a trope-a-dope, as Ali might have said.

Two things remind me of this Dave Eggers project, which you probably know about 1) that positive efforts can be profitable (particularly if we factor in the long term benefits that aren't obviously, immediately liquid) 2) Novelty stores...

There is so much hope, but "change" always seems to start from the ground up.

Peep this:

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