Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lost and Found...

One of my primary interests in life is lost souls who become found. Not so much in the Amazing Grace, spiritual sense (though that can be a beautiful thing too), but more in the self creation sense. We all pass through valleys of doubt, bewildered by the world, and blown by the wind. I am drawn to people who willfully get lost and experience the brink with no safety net and then slingshot themselves back into a reality that is no longer threatening or uninteresting. These people often find a gusto and a joy that escapes so many of us who cling to the workaday world. They know that reality is both created and experienced and that a command of the former brings rewards in the latter.

It would be easy to label this interest as "Romantic" I suppose, but I think that would say more about the labeler's perspective than it would about my interest.

("Dunes" by Jim Stipovich)


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