Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Recent offerings from Friends of Gazpachot...

SBW says the first picture of herself where she thought she looked "acceptably ok" was taken shortly after she met me.

JB says, "at risk of sounding sexist" that "men are generally givers and women are generally takers. This reverses in motherhood, when women have to become givers. Therefore, motherhood brings out the man in a woman."

JTW has "recurring waking dreams"of using his arm in a throwing (or perhaps tennis swinging) motion.

RD says, "let's start a time bank."

STL let slip, "I was recently reminded that I invented Facebook." I would have to disagree STL, since yours truly and RJ invented a religion of humiliation waaay back in the mid- 1980s in which people would record their most embarrassing aspects in public diaries displayed in social settings for all to see.

RJ says that "the POTUS is well-meaning but powerless."

WF sends a photo of an old gorilla mask armature.

JE assures me that "shit sandwiches are exhausting!"


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