Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rote by numbers...

Since Sarah's taking the GRE's as I write this, thought this might be a good time to announce my new standardized test - the GAZ's. It's a different kind of test, one that asks takers to demonstrate their core behavior and beliefs through performing tasks.


1) Make the person sitting on your left laugh. Make the person on your right cry.

2) Dance with vigor and abandon for the next 100 people you encounter.

2) Secretly instigate a public riot and then be the one to peacefully calm all parties and engage them in meaningful dialog.

3) Strangle a turkey to death and eat it.

4) Recall the worst thing you've done to someone. Do it again, only this time see and understand the consequences of your actions and attempt to put them right.

5) Here is $100,000 cash. How will you spend it? You have one hour.

6) Speak every word you utter into a megaphone for one week. What will you say?

and so on...

Hell people, what are we testing when we take the SAT's or the GRE's or LSAT's or whatever? How can such rote challenges possibly get us out of the mess we're in?

(Russian Army Test)


Blogger Babycakes said...

I sure would have liked to have been studying for that test instead of crying over math for the GRE.
- sarah

12:38 AM  

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