Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hosting a Soul...

So clear to me, in moments, that the unconscious or soul (call it what you will) operates from another dimension outside of our time and space. I can literally feel this aspect in me straining to get something across, struggling to activate what it can not touch, like a well-meaning ghost in a fifties b-movie. Of course I'm the one characterizing it as a struggle, namely because I can't understand its intent. Really, I'm struggling to know its mission. On account of this growing awareness, I'm feeling more and more like it's my job to create a conduit, or at least find a way to be a more sympathetic and accommodating host to this force, so that it can apply its knowledge to our world. It seems to know something I don't.

(painting by Paul Jenkins)


Anonymous Hone said...

This very closely describes my sense of "soul" except that I feel no compunction to communicate with whatever it is.

We have to use our words to describe our thoughts, so "another dimension" is probably as good as any. But, our words, the lexiconic dots, dashes and glue holding our thoughts together, are pretty much like dots, dashes and glue - they are human constructs born from living and connecting synergistic experiences. However, I suggest there are no words for that which a mortal has never experienced, though there are many who profess. My best guess to find the best word would be seeking out a primitive language for a word describing the total numbness of a complete unknown... or take all the words and thoughts from the beginning of time, cram them into a juicer, and whatever comes out could probably be that thing.

I am convinced we are not meant to struggle and search for the answer, but instead are meant to live our individual lives as if we innately know the answer.

Happy Birthday Pablo!

8:40 AM  

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