Friday, May 07, 2010

His bravado has a new tremolo in it...

Was listening to some scratchy AM radio station yesterday right after the stock market plunged a 1000 points. AM radio is so aesthetically perfect for these moments. You could literally hear the endorphins popping in the reporter's melon. Shades of the Hindenberg. O the fat finger!

What is so clear to me is that our economy is really a sort of global EKG of our collective psyche. It currently reflects fear and nervousness and also a particularly widespread psychic flabbiness that comes from worshipping the money gods.

My muddy thought here is that economies are beautiful barometers of our day-to-day evo/devo-lution of consciousness as a species. My hope is that economies will slowly move away from reflecting our daily panic for security and start to align with an awareness of the greater potential of the human soul. Once we firmly grasp these core abilities we might start to use money as an expression of our actual desires rather than our frenzied, aspirational ones.

("West Bedroom Workout" photo by Eddie Adams)


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