Saturday, September 18, 2010

Food was never meant to travel...

Winding down the trip. Inadvertently, we learned a great deal about food and eating in Crete. Our Greek friends are thoughtful eaters. Together we enjoyed long, beautiful chemical free meals of local origins. You might eat a goat brain (I did) but it's going to be a fresh goat brain. In this ancient culture there's really no such thing as a grocery store - just daily markets where fresh local meat and produce and breads are sold. There is no sucralose, no factory farming, no nothing that we accept as part of eating in the US.

Although all I really want to say here is that food wasn't, isn't, and will probably never be made to travel, I have to admit that I'm willing to seek out and pay more for imported delicacies (i.e. wine) that come from places where they know what they're doing.


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