Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Binaural Beats on Kanye's Monster...

Let's wallow in our infantile "NSFW" culture today shall we? A world that treats human anatomy and sexuality as bad things that can get working people into serious trouble. How can we get on with the business of life, and by life I mean money, when it turns out that people might have squidgy erotic lives and ew-gross biological yearnings that transcend the safety of our work cubicles and our cool outfits. Impossible!

I want to also make a prediction for the Summer of 2011. I predict that members of the NSFW tribe (and the media-makers who feed them) will fill the airwaves with digital outrage when it is discovered that there are hidden evil messages in our pop songs. Let me clarify: I had a pretty awful experience with reigning provocateur of NSFW culture, Kanye West's new "Monster"" video yesterday... (seriously, listen at your own risk).

Visual content aside, three minutes in my heart was pounding and my head was throbbing. I knew at once why: binaural beats. Though I can't find anything to verify my intuition, I'm telling you the song is heavily laced with dark binaural beats, very likely lifted from the oddly expensive "Gates of Hades" by iDoser or other similar aural toxins. Seriously kids, I know you love a thrill but this stuff is dangerously potent at the emotional/neurological level. Must you?

My prediction is that the public will get wind of this "subliminal brainwashing" (via leak of course) and the fear will kick in. Binaural beats will be collectively demonized as dangerous and downright evil in some circles. And that would be a shame. Because like politicians, neckties, wines, jokes, and human beings, there are all kinds of binaural beats. Many are quite benign, palliative, and even uplifting, while others are hellbent on pushing the technology to its darkest most injurious extremes. And that's how we are in the NSFW age. Uninterested in the good, obsessed with the bad that is always a click away.


Blogger Sarah Bay Williams said...

1) bad binaural beats can be used effectively too (see: Irreversible, Gaspar Noe), in that an artist can use them to inspire a legitimate desired effect.

2) NSFW? explain....

2:44 PM  
Blogger barfcookie20 said...

If the subliminal message is follow me in the dark or something like that backwards the listener may not pick it up but ther subconcious does and people love mystery it draws them in and keeps them listening. Like an extremely good suspence. Lady gagas music is littered with em and she's a big time money maker. there not aimed at harming listeners just keeping peoples interest attention and money.

4:00 AM  
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