Saturday, August 13, 2011

Glass eyes...

You paddle strenuously through yourself through rapids and unseen obstacles beneath the surface. Growth doesn't happen in your bones while you sleep anymore. You believe that you'll know what to do when your boat tips and drops you into chaos. And sometimes you do.

You cannot fix good feelings in time. You can not nail your hand to a breast. You can not spare another from the suffering that leads to growth. Though you will want to sometimes.

You can try to curate your life in bits and pieces. You may go to great lengths and subtractions to avoid suffering. But the gods offer a full spectrum of experience from dust to glory. Ignore one god, chthonic or Olympian, and they will become offended and knock you off balance in a way in you that you may or may not recognize.

What are we asking others for that we need to be doing for ourselves? And what should we be asking for that we can not give ourselves? Solve that with your partner and you've got yourself some true love bub. Given the brevity of the ride, and the chill of the night, it seems worth the effort.


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