Tuesday, October 29, 2013

When a new thing jarringly reminds you of an old one...

So 12 Years a Slave is an excellent film, I won't review it now, maybe later, I have thoughts, but I wanted to get this one small thought out tonight while it's fresh...

Anyone else notice the similarity between the recurring string theme in Hans Zimmer's soundtrack and the song "To Build a Home" by Cinematic Orchestra? It was a distraction for me, since that song has been used extensively in various media to signify longing emotions for several years now.  Generally speaking, I wanted less musical/emotional guidance from the film, so a refrain which has such a recognizable history was almost as disruptive as the horrible aftershave from two seats over. On the other hand, the sawing bass strings in the soundtrack are genius.


Blogger Unknown said...

Yes, myself and my friend walked out of the cinema, turned to each other and said the exact same thing to each other, and I just got here by Googling if other people had been talking about it.

I was waiting for a Cinematic Orchestra credit at the end of the film, but all I saw was Hanz Zimmer.

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