Friday, May 24, 2013

Pi crust...

"There is in every language the word 'soul'. And we don't know what it is. And I think this thing is in us the metaphysical power somehow which just emanates. I feel that always in my concerts. There is something floating, there is something unknown around us. And I think that it has no place to disappear, so after our death if we had an amount of it, somewhere it's around."  (Artur Rubinstein)


"Any talk of the soul relies on it existing at all. That would need to be proved first. All this talk about souls and 'increasing your positive vibrations' and any other new age gibberish is, to me, a way of making people feel special or intelligent." (A blog commenter)

Which point of view do you prefer?

Chen Wei, "The Stars in the Night Sky are Completely Innumerable", 2010