Monday, December 26, 2005

Gazpachot's Axe!

Look what Santa brought! Time to dust off the callouses and spring the band from prison. It's over ten years since I picked up one of these twangers. I'm charged (and terrified) by the idea of making - rather than just consuming - music. Got to be so careful. Too easy to recall a few dumb tricks and repeat them until you make yourself sick. Those are the habits that won't go away. Proceeding with filtered abandon.

Here are the names of most of the bands I've played in, c. 1981 up to about 1994: The Electric Dream, Mev and Shosh, Sanskrit Junkshop, Back to the Womb/Inertia of Mud, Paramecium Devention, Raga NY, Tantric Rain, Movie. But surely you knew that already.

Also received a new tiny digicam with enough megapixels to read the fine print on a bottle of Besserat de Bellefon at 6 paces. This means more original images for the blog in '06. Stay tuned and in tune.


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