Sunday, December 11, 2005

Shower Hair Art...

For my first image on Gazpachot I had intended to post a sample of some of the art we get up to here at Bob's castle in the hills.
Specifically - Sarah and I have gotten into the habit of "drawing" in the shower with the spare head hairs that cling to the moist walls. Once dry, these last for approximately 12-24 hrs. We leave them (without discussion) for each other to admire in the privacy of one's bathing. Assembling some of these works can get pretty obsessive; five-minute-showers can easily turn into 25 minute extravaganzas. Typically, the works are figurative, though lately Sarah has been opting for more abstract Dating Game style asterisks which I like. Not one to brag, I will simply offer here that my hair work from yesterday - a 3/4 from the rear rendering of Sarah painting in the nude - was an instant classic. Unfortunately, these works are almost impossible to photograph. The only photographic proof I have (the actual work has since dried up and fallen to the shower floor) really speaks more to our need for a good grout cleaner than anything else, so I will pass on posting that image for now. Perhaps if we can figure our better lighting techniques and how to capture such fine lines with the canon digital, there will be some posted in good time. What I can say if anyone is thinking about taking up Shower Hair Art is that it is good to have long hairs and shorter hairs to play with, and that is not necessarily cheating to use the edge of a comb or a razor to cut a piece down to a desired length, though it is generally frowned upon as too much invasive technology. Enjoy!


Blogger CP said...

Now this...this is love.

Man, I really wanted to see these pictures too. :)


6:39 PM  
Blogger Pedro Glatzodovar said...

I envy your spare time. And I envy your spare hair.

9:47 PM  
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