Saturday, January 14, 2006

H2Over it...

("The Rest of
Your Life" by
Richard Gachot)

Amazing how a few work related emails and phone calls can throw you off track. As much as I love California, there is definitely some spirochete in the water that causes professional communications to malfunction in mysterious ways with alarming regularity. I say stick to the bottled agua if you value clarity, questions (with answers), time (as measured by clocks and calendars), and truthfulness. Or just go straight to the tap and have a guzzle if you want to join in the jabberwocky. I'm getting too old for this shit though. The wheel of time is nipping at my heels. There is so much to do. Days melt into months and progress dons a Hawaiian shirt and says, "Take a chill pill buddy," which, of course, fans the flames of anxiety. No wonder the hills are always burning out here. I've become a much better New Yorker in Los Angeles than I was in New York.


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