Monday, February 06, 2006

Sweet Baby Dreams...

A recurring image: Keith Richards walking around the 40-yard line in a stupor looking for a lost guitar pick in the last minutes of play at the Superbowl...
OK you got me. No sleep last night. My brain was caught in a random fact-finding and analysis cycle. No rhyme or reason at all - it was as if my brain were rifling through psychic drawers making wildly incongruous connections and leaps from one topic to the next. It was sort of like dreaming in that my sense of time was completely turned off, but there were none of the benefits of sleep. Actually, I've always sort of enjoyed small doses of delirium. There's no room for anxiety and one actually seems somehow more connected to the free-falling chaos of the world rather than the hyper-contrived order of our human "reality". Still, could have used one of these dream pills last night.


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