Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Just about to complete the third month of Gazpachot and I'd like to tell the stock holders that we've had a sucessful first quarter. This is amazing. I love doing this little blog as I wake up in the morning and fish around the pond of my brainpan for little speckle-bellied ephemera. I have no idea who looks at it or what they think other than a few friends who mention it in passing and random emails, but for me the process has been quite fruitful and entertaining. Let the experiment continue... Viva Gazpachot!

That said, Blogger is becoming increasingly unreliable as a host. The layout and fonts keep changing on me, my user profile doesn't work, and it's increasingly difficult to sign on so I can do daily entries. So what to do? I guess switch over to my own site? I'm such a Luddite, the thought terrifies me. Any thoughts much appreciated...

your host,

Pablo Gazpachot


Anonymous Philip said...

Hey, I know this is a little late to answer your post but why not buy your very own domain and make your weblog with www.wordpress.org - your writing is very entertaining and deserves its own pad

1:46 PM  

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