Friday, March 03, 2006

Sense less...

Remember the "Would you rather" game? It's a perennial conversational favorite of kids and drunk frat boys all around the globe. One that always disturbed me is, "Would you rather be blind or deaf?" Still impossible for me to decide. But fascinating to consider the way you might evolve if you took one or the other sense away. What people would you like if you were blind? Where might you live if you were deaf, and immune to noise pollution? What would replace art and music without their respective tools of perception? I guess if it came down to choosing which one to lose I'd let my torturer decide. But if we were to broaden the arena to all five senses, I have a hunch that most people would get rid of smell first, then taste, (save for a few parfumiers and wine tasters). But touch, hearing, and vision are in a slightly higher bracket, aren't they?


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