Friday, June 02, 2006

Fruity, Loopy...

Some days you walk up to the tree and it's bursting with strange and delicious fruits and flowers of all shapes and sizes. Other days the ground is covered with familiar, half eaten, ant encrusted, rotten, smushy leftovers. Some days nothing at all. Those are the scariest. Suddenly you're a dumb animal aware that there's more out there but stuck in its skin, in its place, with your dull flickering bulb.

The brain is such a crude and limiting machine for us. We're born 8-bit processors in a multi-trillion bit universe. Knowing our limitations is only a fraction of the ride. Actually, it's the ticket. From there, it's up to you to crack open the machine and let the bits out. Let them spread, pollinate and get their little bitty hands dirty. Multiply. They were never yours to begin with.

Stop wallowing in your own pickle juice and strike out on a journey. Follow a clear path of thoughts and feelings, but also make chaos an ally. Be willing to be derailed. Humbled. Humiliated. Hushed-up. Of course you must be equally strong and willing to fight without being dragged back down the river you just swam up. You are looking for something you won't know until you see it or feel it. Sounds religious? Who cares what you call it. Go. This is what we do, or are meant to do. You see, your tree will always bear fruit. But what kind of fruit, the quality and exotic nutrition it provides, is more in our hands than most of us will ever take responsibility for.

(Chris Coyne's "Context Free Art" and "Design Grammars" are here.)


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