Thursday, May 25, 2006

To the moon...

Forty-five years ago today, President Kennedy put his money where his mouth used to be by going to Congress and asking them to support an accelerated space program that would include sending a man to the moon (hear here). There were plenty of serious political reasons for this, namely a raging and none too subtle global power struggle between the two dominant sociopolitical philosophies of the day: Capitalism and Communism. But politics aside, I'm willing to bet a keg of Irish whiskey that there was also a competitive streak in Kennedy that couldn't bear the idea of letting the Ruskies get the upper hand in something as epic and metaphorically loaded as "the conquering of space."

Also, if we take the moon as a female symbol, then we might see JFK's all consuming urge to get to the moon as a sign of his reaching out to Rose, who in the spirit of the day had been a cold and distant mother. (Now apply this idea to Al and Mother Earth. Moms and politics... never underestimate the connection)

Congress ultimately supported JFK, but correctly turned down the president's suggestion that he go to the moon with Marilyn Monroe, knowing full well that Rose didn't like blondes. Those were the days when you could count on Congress to be the voice of sanity...

Enjoy this Kennedy's ode to MILF's right here.
(Click on "Your Mama the Video")


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