Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Acomoclitists in history...

Many of us grow up not really knowing what's going on in people's pants, particularly when it comes to the other sex. I can personally recall some very confusing/edifying trips to various art and natural history museums in the New York area. Of course the nethers you see in 16th Century tempra paintings were all smooth and featureless as a shoulder or a calf.

It has been argued that John Ruskin, the famous 19th C British author, artist, and art critic, was accustomed only to the hairless nudes portrayed unrealistically in art, never having seen a naked woman before his wedding night. He was allegedly so shocked by his discovery of his wife Effie's pubic hair that he rejected her, and the marriage was later legally annulled. He is supposed to have thought his wife was freakish and deformed.

What a maroon. Thankfully, due to the loosening of starched collars and social mores, us men have a much better sense of what's going on down there in the 21st C. A toast to progress!

("La Naissance de Venus" by Eugène Emmanuel Amaury-Duval)


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