Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Stereotypes in Utopia!

To my fledgling colony I’d import a population that reflected the wit and wisdom of the British, the fluidity and ferocious sensuality of the French, the boiling blood of Spanish creativity, the with dashes of Brazilian enthusiasm and smiles, German precision and gloom, Moroccan mystery, Jamaican syntax, Scandinavian cool, Russian madness, Irish articulation, Iranian soul, Ethiopian majesty, Indian innocence, Tibetan spirits, Italian vision, Nigerian rhythms, Japanese demure, Brooklyn anti-hip and Austrian psychomania thrown in to spice the curry. All this on a lush self-sustaining, minimally but lovingly governed, large tropical island with spring-fed rivers, unexpected plant and animal life, no mosquitoes, thriving indigenous culture, citrus groves, intoxicating natural smells, two intricately wired and astonishingly well-supplied cities: one ancient, one modern, scattered sculpture and historical monuments, ample housing of character, headquarters to the United Nations of Food, Music, Cinema, and Fascinating Ideas, spectacular parks and beaches, criminally entertaining and imaginative festivals, and two wildly invigorating (but never deadly) hurricanes a year. Applications are being accepted now. So what’s your general idea?

(drawing by the brilliant Scott Meyers)


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