Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mousepad Traveler...

Cold enough for you? Even here in Los Angeles the citrus has frozen in the trees. It's going to be a scurvy-filled springtime. After an extended late-night, Google-powered, travel-porn, bourgeois-fantasy session, I've decided that the best place to escape the chill is in Morocco. I've never been, so I won't pretend to know what's what. On the surface and from a distance, its exotic draw is mighty.

These two mod medinas, Dar Beida and Dar Emma, in the bohemian beach town of Essaouira seem like the kind of chic retreats where you and your closest comrades could plan a revolution (or at least the outfits to wear to one).

More Moroccan getaways here. Tablet Hotels is, by the way, an excellent service, and a great way to satiate your exotic boutique hotel curiosities from the safety of your own dull existence.


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