Monday, January 08, 2007

John Cage Silent Ringtone...

Thanks Tatiana for passing this on (via Jumbrella). Great!

Conceptual artist Jonathon Keats has created the world's first silent ringtone, a bootleg of John Cage's famous piano piece that contains four minutes and 33 seconds of silence. Cage performed 4'33" live before an audience in 1952. But, says Keats, Cage was limited by the technologies available at the time. His silence wasn't perfect because it wasn't digital -- nor could it be freely distributed via sound files. So Keats wrote "My Cage," a 4:33 minute ringtone of pure, unadulterated silence. You can get it for free from Start Mobile, a ringtone distributor, and Keats urges people to remix and mashup his ringtone as much as they wish.

Highly recommended!

John Cage I Ching anyone?

Unusual version of 4'33" here.

(photo by William Gedney)


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