Monday, January 01, 2007

Sending '06 out with a bang...

Sarah's new-found obsession with making ultra-deluxe pinatas is amassing an enthusiastic cadre of followers... Her fantastic thanksgiving turkey tapped a bloated crowd's final energy spike before the inevitable L-triptaphan crash. It was over fast and furious after five sugar-high drunkards went spastic on the well-girded bird.

And last night, just seconds before twelve bells, her "2006: Bye Bye to Rumsfeld & Pluto" (seen here from the Rummy side, giving forth its booty) was the undisputed hit of the festivities. This paper mache orb was filled with miniature liquor bottles, gold confetti, and tiny horses, of course. It took nine people whacking the whiffle bat to get to the goods. And dozens more to cheer on and confuse the dizzy bat swinger. Whether you're looking to energize your beloved comrades, or thaw a group of hipsters, or make that shy guest come out of his or her shell, girl's got her eye on the best hanging item this side of the Euphrates.

(photo by Paul Gachot)


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