Friday, February 02, 2007

Together at last...

I was touched to see Steve Jobs (L) and Jaron Lanier (R) finally found a project they can work on together. When these two computer-box whiz kids put their heads together, you'll be sure to see some great graphics and some explosive marketing.


Anonymous Shana Ting Lipton said...

These guys are LOSERS. And they think they're all cool and renegade talking 70s hairstyles with the press...they're working for THE MAN and they don't even know it. And now here's the part where I shamelessly (but not so stealthly) advertise my own BLOG--yes, I blogged about this very subject and my disdain for viral marketing--LIVE SPAM for metrosexuals and jaded urbanites:
Thanks for the free ad space, Pauly! And now off to leave strange looking Light Bright devices with my URL emblazened across them on highways across America...

11:58 PM  

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