Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Go forth and flourish young soul...

If you look for a mentor, be careful not to confuse a damaged control freak with a wise context provider. You will encounter both. The former can be persuasive and seductive at first, and the latter can seem annoyingly aloof. But that's probably your eagerness getting the better of your perceptions. Tis oft better to be empowered than enslaved.

There are so many skills and unknown talents you can supply yourself with - if you find the right environment and the right people. I'm not talking about being handed the keys to the kingdom. Restrictions are good. They force you to respond and recreate. Just be wary of inheriting past agendas or stepping into someone else's psychodrama. You've got enough baggage to carry.

("Jupiter" by Jean Raon, 1660-80)


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