Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ontological Addictions...

Are you addicted to the reality you've created for yourself? Are you a conceptual junky trolling about for that next fix that will support the worldview you've worked so hard to build? Have you carved yourself a psychic space that agrees with your quirks and biases and also protects your weaknesses? Are you your own master hypnotist of your consciousness? Is there something more real you choose not to see? You are not alone...

The mind is a mine through which we build tunnels. We create and reuse the pathways that echo some remote inner sense of how we think things should be. In your tunneling, the things you dig around might be things you should dig straight through. Or not. It's a process fraught with blind corners and an infinite number of parallel paths. Our choices are ripe for criticism. Our blind spots are terrifyingly endearing aspects of our species. We happily roll over and offer our soft underbellies to the Tyrannosaurus rexes time after time.


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