Friday, April 06, 2007

City hidden by light...

One of the greatest sins of all in Hollywood is to discuss your intentions. To reveal your plans is to out yourself as a dreamer. There are, of course, no shortage of those here, but I think that the "LA LA Land" stereotype eclipses the healthy number of no-nonsense doers and achievers there are here. Were that face of LA to be more known, it would be fierce enough to pierce the armor of any New Yorker's superiority complex - for a nanosecond at least. But the real creativity and power of this town remains mostly hidden beneath a shroud of blaring publicity. A cloaking device. A city secret (just like the "rain" in Portland, OR).

Los Angeles is a fascinating place once you get the hang of it. In many ways, some of them described here for you today, LA's sister city would have to be Washington DC. There is a strange parallelity.


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